Mainstream Science Needs Faith

Timothy, keep safe what has been entrusted to your care. Avoid the profane talk and foolish arguments of what some people wrongly call “Knowledge.” For some have claimed to possess it, and as a result they have lost the way of faith.

God’s grace be with you all.

(1 Timothy 6:20-21) Good News Translation

A lot of people are involved in the science vs. faith debate. This is rather ironic since what they refer to as “science” is a sad parody called mainstream science (SciPop) which requires just as much faith as any religion does.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

(Hebrews 11:1) KJV

You don’t believe us? We have an excellent illustration. Kepler’s first law. Our question is: what’s the source of gravity at focus 2?

Kepler’s 1st Law

What’s the source of gravity at Focus 2?

Whatever answer you come up with is a statement of faith.

Most people have no clue, which illustrates one aspect of science = faith, which is that most people believe something that they don’t understand and can’t explain. They have faith that someone understands it. They believe that it’s fact and can be dismissed as unnecessary knowledge.

“there’s no source of gravity at focus 2, it’s just the other focus of the ellipse.”

– Frequent incorrect answer

In this sense they have faith, they hope that SciPop has explained the phenomenon and that’s what they choose to believe. According to SciPop, elliptical planetary orbits are ellipses because they’re elliptical. The problem is, if there’s only one source of gravity then the orbit will be a circle, not an ellipse. SciPop is abusing your trust.

Direct observation from Earth is that the planets appear to have elliptical orbits around the Sun. We observe this planetary system orbit the Earth every day. That means that the Earth is f1, the Sun is f2 in the elliptical orbits.

Fortunately SciPop can be totally wrong and the cosmos will still function normally. Empirical laws are designed to account for a broad class of observations, they don’t define the the universe. Ironically the cosmological model which breaks Kepler’s laws is heliocentricity. Geocentrosphericity fulfills the requirements of Kepler’s laws.

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