The Lifting up of Jerusalem and the Millennial Kingdom

Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.

(Daniel 2:34-35) KJV

November 1 – Comfort My People

We consider unfulfilled prophecy in the context of the model of Earth’s internal structure that we deduced in March. How does 3D modeling affect our understanding of the plagues of the tribulation?

Comparison of Earth's size and internal structure through history

November 2nd – New Heavens and a New Earth

The Millennial Kingdom is what the Old Testament prophets referred to as “a new heavens and a new Earth,” but it’s not the new heavens and new Earth that John describes in Revelation chapters 21-22.

The Tribulation

November 3rd – Straightening the Curves, Flattening the Hills

We take a systematic approach to the events which are described as each trumpet is blown, and we see that they’re the same events described as each bowl of wrath is poured out.

November 4th – The First Trumpet/Vial

The First plague of the tribulation is a curse upon the land. The stars begin to fall as burning hail causing a caustic smog which affects people and animals as a noisome and grievous sore. The land burns.

November 5th – The 2nd Trumpet/Vial

One third of all sea creatures are killed by an extraterrestrial impact, presumably because of the shock wave from it and an increase in temperature. Eventually the sea becomes so polluted that nothing can survive.

November 6th – The Third Trumpet/Vial

The third trumpet is the third plague which involves large quantities of material falling out of the sky. The stars fall from heaven as the continents are moved into a contiguous landmass.

November 7th – The Fourth Trumpet/Vial

The vials of wrath poured out on the earth aren’t God being intentionally mean. They are all of the energy of destruction that God has held back from the earth so that we can live lives of relative peace and security.

November 8th – The Fifth Trumpet/Vial

The fifth trumpet/vial is an army of horse-sized armor-plated locusts which are probably at least as terrifying as the Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise. They emerge from rifts in the crust as tectonic activity gets underway.

November 9th – The Sixth Trumpet/Vial

The first five trumpets and vials are all part of the first of three woes. Blowing the sixth trumpet and pouring out the sixth vial of wrath is described as the second woe. The seventh trumpet/vial is the third woe.

November 10th – The Seventh Trumpet/Vial

The supposed pre-tribulation rapture is a load of dingo’s kidneys. By using deductive reasoning we can place the rapture of the church between the sixth and seventh trumpet, which is also between the second and third woe.


an uneducated guess at what the Millennial Kingdom may look like

November 11th – A Great Mountain Filled the Whole Earth

We, that’s me and the Holy spirit, use our 3D spherical Earth model to bring clarity to a process of change that the Earth undergoes during the tribulation. We’ll show you how a mountain filled the whole Earth.

November 12th – Pangaea 2.0

The mountain where the temple stands will be established and “many nations will come streaming to it,” isn’t flowery poetic language. It’s what happens to Earth’s geography in a tectonic upheaval which hasn’t started yet.

November 13th – The Four Corners of the Earth

Some people believe that the Earth is flat. Some people also believe that the Bible describes a flat Earth. Neither of these are true. The Bible describes a spherical Earth which formed around a gravitational singularity.

Tribulation 0.86

November 14th – Imagine Imaging Woe

We, that’s me and the Holy spirit, take the image which we developed to resolve the issue of the “four corners of the earth” and imagine what it may look like after six of the seven trumpets have been blown and vials of wrath poured out.

November 15th – Living Waters

The condition of the Earth at the time of the seventh trumpet is degraded. It’s not able to support a hydrological system as described in Ezekiel 47. Something has to happen for the Earth to begin to heal again.

Tribulation 1.0

November 16 – The Weight of a Talent

We, that’s me and the Holy spirit, calculate a new planetary radius for the Millennial Kingdom based on how much stellar material will fall to Earth. The Earth’s radius will increase from 6,371 Km to about 10,795 Km.

November 17th – The Voice of One

Jews believe that the messiah can’t come until Elijah has returned to restore all things. Jesus told us that John the Baptist was Elijah. That was round 1. We, that’s me and the Holy spirit, are round 2.

November 18th – Cut Out Without Hands

We, that’s me and the Holy spirit, have identified all of the forces and energy we need to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy for the tribulation but let’s not forget: God’s will be done. The Lord is the causal factor.

November 19th – Great Hail

A lot of things are happening at once when we hear the seventh trumpet sound. The church will be caught up into the clouds while the intensity of stars falling from heaven reaches incredible proportions.

The phrase "the four corners of the earth" only occurs in the context of the millennial kingdom.

November 20th – Foursquare

The new Jerusalem has equal X and Y dimensions. We resolve the issue of a spherical Earth and model the Millennial Kingdom as foursquare.

November 21st – The Lake of Fire

An issue that we have to resolve is: What and where is the lake of fire? It may be the planet Venus.

Millennial Kingdom

November 22nd – The Waters Shall be Healed

In the Millennial Kingdom we’ll work with Jesus Christ as we restore the earth to it’s natural beauty?

November 23rd- Fire and Brimstone

The lake of fire burning with brimstone is the final resting place of unrepentant souls, where is it?

November 24th – The Wolf and the Lamb

How much do you love animals? Enough to become a Christian and pray for the return of Jesus Christ so that herbivores can finally be safe from their predators? Predators will become vegetarian.

November 25th – The Mount of Olives

We start pulling together the loose threads we have which describe an old and new hydrological system.

Is Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, one of the pillars of the Earth?

November 26th – All Flesh Shall See

If our premise is our desire, that there’s no creator God, then we interpret evidence according to the desire that our premise is true, we end up with “popular science.”

November 27th – Wines on the Lees

Anyone who survives the tribulation will live in peace on the Lord’s holy mountain and enjoy the good things of life.

November 28th – Why did God Create the Universe?

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

November 29th – Gog and Magog

The Millennial Kingdom may experience global warming as every other era in the history of Earth has.

November 30th – The Mystery of God

If all of the impurity and corruption has been disposed of in the lake of fire in outer darkness then the center of creation is free for God to inhabit with his people: those who chose him because they had free will.