Science is the New Ignorance

There’s no proof of heliocentricity. No only that, but assuming that such proof exists is itself proof that you don’t understand the issue. Heliocentric is a frame of reference.

Here’s the list of articles which have been presented as proof of heliocentricity. None of them are, but this is a fabulous resource and we’re grateful to all members of the @Twitter community who contributed. By analyzing each article we’ve compiled a list of the purported proofs of heliocentricity. Most articles are a hodgepodge of a few of these purported proofs. As such it’s possible to calculate a score for how well each article makes the case for heliocentricity. None of them do.

Our challenge to the @Twitter community to prove heliocentricity has stood since December 25, 2015

Sophomoric Science Reporting

Top of the list is the defense of heliocentricity. It’s obvious that the author didn’t understand the subject matter and was writing it as an assignment.

How Do We Know the Earth Orbits the Sun? Wired

(33 x) How Do We Know the Earth Orbits the Sun? Wired

This one came around again today, April 26, 2020.

There’s one born every minute…

Heliocentric #EpiFail

33How Do We Know the Earth Orbits the Sun?63417.7
9Geocentric and Heliocentric Systems 1342.9
6The Earth Revolves Around the Sun? Prove It. 1342.9
6The Triumph of the Heliocentric Theory 63417.7
6What are the accepted proofs that Earth revolves53414.7
3Testing Geocentrism – Part 1 73420.6
3How do we know that the earth revolves around93426.5
3Prove that the earth goes around the sun103429.4
2Aberration of light 103429.4
Other Submissions
3Gravity Visualized
2Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought
2Geocentrism Disproved: How Newton’s Laws Prove the Earth Orbits the Sun Ken Cole and Robert Sungenis Dialogue
2How can I re-disprove the geocentric model with only an amateur telescope and basic facts about objects in the solar system?
2Parallax and Distance Measurement
2What is the simplest way to prove that Earth orbits the Sun?
1Forces of Attraction
1Foucault pendulum
1From Geocentrism to Heliocentrism
1Historically, how do we know that Earth moves around Sun? And it does so in an elliptical orbit?
1How can I prove that the earth rotates around the sun?
1How Do Gravitational Slingshots Work?
1Is there a proof that Earth moves? (Intermediate)
1Los Principia Mathematica de Newton
1Maths behind gravity assist
1Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
1Observable Universe
1Slingshots and Space Shots
1Solving for the Mass of the Sun
1Stellar Parallax
1The Theory of Gravitation
1This is a proof that the earth is moving
1What Is The Heliocentric Model Of The Universe?
Hits – How many times the article has been posted as proof of heliocentricity.
Title – Title of the article and link to the rebuttal.
Proofs – How many purported proofs of heliocentricity are in the article.
Max – The total purported proofs of heliocentricity.
% – the % of the total proofs presented in each article.