Astronomy or Cosmology?

Since we started blogging in October 2015 we've been tagging posts on the physics of space and related subject matter as both #astronomy and #cosmology. That has the effect of making both tags meaningless.

The Hubble Constant

Sir Edwin Hubble was one of the first to suggest that the apparent red shift of stellar objects is caused by the doppler effect as the universe expands and the stars become further and further away.

Rubies and Sapphires

If there are football field-sized and larger pieces of ruby and sapphire in the Kuiper belt (crystalline firmament material), then we should see light spectra consistent with ruby and sapphire.

Galileo’s Bluff

Galileo’s bluff is the starting point for THE NARRATIVE of heliocentricity. It’s an induced rationalization of evidence to fit the premise, it’s not proof of heliocentricity.

Tycho’s Geocentric Cosmology

Tycho Brahe made meticulous observation of the cosmos. He was on the Earth so, naturally, he observed a Geocentrospheric system. The problem was that he didn't know about binary systems because they hadn't made Star Wars yet.

Mainstream Science Needs Faith

A lot of people are involved in the science vs. faith debate. This is rather ironic since what they refer to as "science" is a sad parody called mainstream science (SciPop) which requires just as much faith as any religion does.