Faith vs. Sight

Faith and sight are opposites, like light and darkness, good and evil. When you have one you don't need the other, and vice versa. We also use them as concepts in a unified theory of everything.

Science vs. Faith

The science vs. faith debate is smoke and mirrors because the words "science" and "faith" are poorly understood. The problem is that the words, as used, have definitions which don't fit the usage.

Faith = Evidence

You don't need to have faith in something if you can see it. Faith is needed when we can't see. However, that has nothing to do with evidence. As such, faith is believing in what you can't see because of evidence.


Current popular science (SciPop) propaganda is that "faith is belief without evidence." However we all have the same evidence (Matty's razor) so the meme fails as a definition of faith.

Mainstream Science Needs Faith

A lot of people are involved in the science vs. faith debate. This is rather ironic since what they refer to as "science" is a sad parody called mainstream science (SciPop) which requires just as much faith as any religion does.

April 20th

Does relativity refute the idea of an absolute frame of reference? No. Relativity is an inductive rationalization of the premise that there isn't one, but it's derived from an incorrect theory of gravity.