When asteroids approach the Earth they're at perigeon. You've heard of perihelion, we need a new word. We're going to coin a word to express the concept of perihelion, but proximity to the Earth (geo), not the sun.

Tycho’s Geocentric Cosmology

Tycho Brahe made meticulous observation of the cosmos. He was on the Earth so, naturally, he observed a Geocentrospheric system. The problem was that he didn't know about binary systems because they hadn't made Star Wars yet.


Eccentricity is due to variation in the orbital radius of the Sun, not variation in the Earth-sun radial distance. The solar orbit is helical, origin of its Greek name "Helios".

Mainstream Science Needs Faith

A lot of people are involved in the science vs. faith debate. This is rather ironic since what they refer to as "science" is a sad parody called mainstream science (SciPop) which requires just as much faith as any religion does.