Hypothesis 20

The great flood anoxic event

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 20

  • IF the entire world was flooded by an event in which water levels around the world increased for 40 days and nights,
    • AND all of the ecosystems around the world began to decompose in flood water which remained for about a year,
  • THEN we would anticipate a world wide anoxic event in which there was a mass extinction of fish species.
The great flood anoxic eventAugust 20 – Cenomanian-Turonian
The great flood anoxic eventCenomanian-Turonian
The great flood anoxic eventHypothesis 20
The great flood anoxic eventThe Theory of Noah’s Flood
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A cure for the plague

  • Accept Jesus Christ as your savior,
    • confess your sin.
  • On your knees,
    • put your head to the ground (if you can)
    • chant the name Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….
      • until you feel a burning sensation in the affected area
    • flush the affected area with cold water, no soap
    • dry the affected area with a clean towel
    • get some rest.
  • Repeat as needed.