When asteroids approach the Earth they're at perigeon. You've heard of perihelion, we need a new word. We're going to coin a word to express the concept of perihelion, but proximity to the Earth (geo), not the sun.

Elliptical vs. Cardioid

We need to know that some concepts are paradigm-dependent. This means that they only apply after accepting the premise of a paradigm. We've been discussing elliptical planetary orbits, that's a heliocentric concept.

Conic Sections

When we ask the question: what's at the second focus in Kepler's laws there's another stock response which comes up with surprising frequency. It appears that everyone has been trained to give this answer.

Spandex Has-beens

Has-been scientists with spandex. These are washed up university lecturers who like to impress young girls and boys with how cool they are, while promoting an untestable hypothesis like it’s real science.

Math is Imaginary

Math is imaginary, it exists in your mind when you have faith that numerals represent concepts. You can write it down but that's a visual representation of what you've chosen to believe. As such, math is the language of faith.


There's an nearly daily onslaught of articles warning us about asteroids approaching planet Earth. They have one thing in common: Kepler's Laws. The orbits NASA has plotted for these asteroids are proof of 2 things:

Tycho’s Geocentric Cosmology

Tycho Brahe made meticulous observation of the cosmos. He was on the Earth so, naturally, he observed a Geocentrospheric system. The problem was that he didn't know about binary systems because they hadn't made Star Wars yet.