Heliocentric or Geocentrospheric?

  • IF you were on the Sun you’d be observing heliocentricity,
  • SINCE you’re not, you’re on the Earth, you’re observing Geocentrosphericity.

Frame of Reference

  • We’re on the Earth.
  • We observe the cosmos from the Earth.
  • We observe that the cosmos orbits the Earth every day.
  • Our frame of reference is empirically, and inherently, Geocentrospheric.

A spherical Earth is at the center of a spherical cosmos (Earth isn’t flat). This is an empirical model that uses Kepler’s and Newton’s laws to show that the sun is less massive than the Earth. There’s a rigid crystalline firmament on the edge of space which is 90% of the mass of the universe.

– Geocentrospheric, definition
  • Geo – Earth
  • centro – centered
  • spheric – spherical

The Biblical Doctrine of Geocentrosphericity

1Earth has a foundation which doesn’t movePsalms 104:5
2The sun orbits the EarthEcclesiastes 1:5
3There’s only one sun, it’s not a star1 Corinthians 15:40-41
4Stars orbit the Earth, they aren’t sunsJudges 5:20
5The firmament is a sea of glassRevelation 4:6
– The Bible is Geocentrospheric but not Flat Earth.

Features of the Geocentrospheric Model

  1. Central spherical Earth,
    • compatible with the core accretion model.
  2. Spherical crystalline firmament on the edge of space,
    • the missing %90 of the mass of the universe,
    • the brightly shining wall detected by Voyager and New Horizons,
    • the reason why SciPop invented dark matter.
  3. Gravitational time dilation,
    • at the surface of Earth about 6,000 has passed since creation,
    • the remote regions of the cosmos may be 13.8 billion years old.
  4. There’s only one sun,
    • the sun is a fraction of the mass of Earth,
    • this is calculated using Kepler’s and Newton’s laws,
    • Earth is F1, the sun is F2 in Kepler’s laws,
  5. Stars are unknown luminous material (ULM),
    • the majority of this is crystalline firmament material (CFM),
    • CFM gives us a source for the data which SciPop calls exoplanets.
  6. We can account for all physical evidence and empirical observations such as,
    • redshift (gravitational time dilation) and,
    • blueshift (stars are on collision course with Earth).
  7. It allows the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy,
    • stars will fall to Earth during the tribulation.