The Fourth Day

Then God commanded, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate day from night and to show the time when days, years, and religious festivals begin; they will shine in the sky to give light to the earth”—and it was done. So God made the two larger lights, the sun to rule over the day and the moon to rule over the night; he also made the stars. He placed the lights in the sky to shine on the earth, 18to rule over the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God was pleased with what he saw. Evening passed and morning came—that was the fourth day.

(Genesis 1:14-19) Good News Translation

We show you that the Earth is the center of the observable universe and it’s an absolute frame of reference.

April 1 – The Stars Will Fall to Earth

It’s ironic that today is April Fools’ Day because today we (that’s me and the Holy spirit) begin to make the case that the universe is Geocentrospheric, but this isn’t a joke.

April 2 – The Foundations of Heaven

Knowing how the firmament is constructed lets us interpret scripture and account for empirical observations of the cosmos, including 90% of the mass of the universe that mainstream science (SciPop) can’t find.

USS Copernicus

April 3 – To Boldly Go

Ask an atheist science troll (AST) scientifically illiterate science worshiper (SISW) or SciPop devotee to prove heliocentricity and they’re like deer in the headlights: they don’t have the slightest clue.

Galileo’s Bluff

April 4 – Galileo and the Mind Pirates

Astronomy has grown around an assumption: stars are suns. It’s false. Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and others stole the modern mind and gave us an understanding of the cosmos which isn’t real.

April 5 – He Defended It

People needed to eat so Shammah defended the lentils. This may seem like an odd departure from our study of the cosmos, however, let’s step back for a moment and consider what’s happening here.

April 6 – Beginning the End

Assuming heliocentricity (Galileo’s bluff) causes the calculated distance to stars to seem greater than it is, because it’s derived from geometry with a base which is 2 astronomic units (AU) wide.

April 7 – The Geometry of Despair

The Earth is the center of the observable universe. It’s an empirical observation. Heliocentricity isn’t observed, it’s theoretical. Oddly enough, people today simply can’t grasp this concept.

April 8 – Voyager and Relative Motion

Understanding relative motion is the power to comprehend that heliocentric and Geocentrospheric models coexist. The Geocentrospheric model is empirical. The heliocentric model is theoretical.

Kepler’s Weakness

April 9 – Pulling Down Strongholds

The Geocentrospheric cosmological model in Matty’s Paradigm is a) empirical (directly observable) and b) meets the requirements of Kepler’s laws. The heliocentric theory is neither a) nor b).

April 10 – Celestial Navigation

The Bible doesn’t describe a heliocentric system, but that’s okay because we don’t observe heliocentricity. It’s a theoretical interpretation of the empirical geocentrospheric reality: it’s imaginary.

Myth buster: The Earth-sun orbit isn’t elliptical. The Earth-sun radius is, for all practical purposes, constant. Any apparent eccentricity is variation in the Sun’s orbital radius, not the Earth-sun radius.

Despite the self-evident truth of empirical observations, SciPop promotes a rationalization for them that has no physical cause. It’s not a testable hypothesis which means SciPop is unscientific.

If Johannes Kepler is the type for Galen Urso, a picture of the sacrificial lamb who gave his life to save us, then Matty’s Paradigm is Luke Skywalker in a X-Wing Fighter… but let’s not get carried away.

Newton’s Switcheroo

Based on the Matty’s Paradigm value for the mass of the Sun, its life expectancy is about 102 years. Now would be a good time to accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

Astronomy is an induced rationalization of the desire to have swirls of minute specks be galaxies. The word “galaxy” has been defined to meet the requirements of the popular science (SciPop) paradigm.

Newton gave popular science (SciPop) the math it needed to remove Earth from the center of the universe, and hell from the center of Earth. His work is based on bold guesses. They were wrong.

It’s not possible to prove heliocentricity, nor do we have an absolute value for the mass of Earth. The value we have for the mass of the Sun is derived from the assumptions that we make.

Einstein’s Mirage

April 18 – Einstein’s Mirage

Gravity was created on the second day. A gravitational singularity was created in the midst of the deep. At that time the universe became spherical. This is why space is curved.

If the theory agrees with the facts.” Albert Einstein (1905). What facts? Given that the so-called facts are an inductive rationalization which is derived from accepting the original theory?

Does relativity refute the idea of an absolute frame of reference? No. Relativity requires that there’s no absolute frame of reference because it’s a rationalization of an incorrect theory of gravity.

Hubble’s Bubble Trouble

Redshift highlights the danger of Peer Review: when speculation enhances the popular science (SciPop) narrative of godless existence the scientific community will ignore the rules of science.

Hawking’s Effect

April 22nd – The Hawking Effect and the Windows of Heaven

Could quasars be the windows of heaven? Using the Hawking Effect: Of course, what else would they be?

There aren’t any black holes or dark matter. The missing mass of the universe is the firmament. It’s a wall on the edge of space with the gravitational attraction that maintains the universe.

When the Sun was created heat caused a layer of the firmament to melt. The residue blackened and the layers below it detached from the body of heaven and broke apart to form the stars.

Using the Inverse Square law, if a body with the mass of the Sun orbits at a distance of 1 AU, we divide the mass of the sun by the square of the distance to M87* which we estimate to be 17,364 light years.

The worldwide network of telescopes used to image M87* have constructed a picture of a piece of Obsidian glass approximately 11 feet wide at a distance of 17,364 light years. Go SciPop!

The properties of Jasper and Jacinth give us 2 confirmations of our hypothesis that gravity was created on the 2nd day. They also confirm that the sun was created on the 4th day.

Defining the Soul

The phrase “the host of heaven,” includes everything above the atmosphere, but it seems that there are subcategories within it. Can we deduce what these subcategories are, and what will we learn if we do?

Heavenly entities are sentient beings. Nehemiah tells us that they’re worshiping the LORD. Who are we to say they aren’t? If entities are gravitationally bound, then this is the distinction between entities and bodies.

All sentient beings, including Spirits, are based on a gravity node which has a specific frequency unique to each individual. It is the seat of our sentience. In the Bible the gravity node is called a soul.