Hypothesis 31

Bowen’s Reaction Series and Stratification of the Firmament

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 31

  • IF the creation of gravity on the 2nd day caused 2 main formations of sediment to be deposited:
    1. Concentric layers accumulated around a singularity forming a spherical earth,
      • These deposits include, among other things, the Banded Iron Formations.
    2. Approximately 1,736,441 light years from the singularity a series of layers crystallized to form the firmament, also known as the body of heaven:
      • The upper part of the series is described in Revelation 21,
      • The lower part of the series broke apart to become the stars.
  • THEN minerals in the series will show evidence of a transition in several properties.
Bowen’s Reaction SeriesHypothesis 31
The Firmament is StratifiedJasper and Jacinth
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