The main evidence for the expansion of the universe is something called redshift. Redshift is the tendency for the light of far away objects to be composed of wavelengths at the red end of the spectrum.

The Hubble Constant

Sir Edwin Hubble was one of the first to suggest that the apparent red shift of stellar objects is caused by the doppler effect as the universe expands and the stars become further and further away.

April 21st

Redshift highlights the danger of peer review: when speculation enhances the godless existence narrative of popular science, the scientific community will ignore the rules of science.

February 27th

If you don't understand mainstream science (SciPop) well enough to know that it's not a threat to the Bible, and try to live a Christian life without the truth of the Bible, then you have no armor of light.

February 26th

Faith is believing in something that you can't see. Math requires believing in concepts that you can't see, and relating them to each other in ways that can't be seen. Math is inductive, reductive, circular faith.

Everlasting Light

We're told that the new heaven and new Earth, where we'll life for eternity, is a place of perpetual light. We're making the case that this permanent physical separation of light from darkness is the purpose of creation.

February 17th

Diagram showing how gravitational time dilation can account for observed redshift

ainstream Science (SciPop) is an inductive rationalization of the premise that the universe doesn't require a divine or supernatural cause. All evidence of the supernatural has to be rationalized as something else.