Deducing the Presence of the Firmament

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

(1 Corinthians 13:12) NKJV

We can use Principle VI to deduce the nature of stars from current scientific research and what we know about the firmament, a rigid sphere made up of at least 12 layers of different crystal structures.

On the 4th day the sun, moon and stars were created. We believe that the sun is based upon a gravitational singularity in a similar way that the Earth is, except that it’s smaller and tuned to the specific frequency of Hydrogen. We really don’t know for sure about the planets but they too may be based on singularities. We can deduce that the stars are constructed from crystalline firmament material (CFM).

The firmament was the source of light on the 2nd and 3rd days. On the 4th day God did something to cause its inner surface to be black and invisible from below. He also created the stars. We can deduce that some of the inner layers of the firmament separated from the main body and fragmented, forming the stars. The mechanism that caused this to happen was the transformation of one layer, somewhere in the midst of the structure, becoming black or opaque. This change caused the inner layers to separate and for the light of the firmament to no longer be bright enough to illuminate the earth. We deduce this process in the post for April 27th.

In Matty’s Paradigm a majority of the stars are CFM which reflect sunlight like giant mirrors in space. What does science have to say about this?

Saw that coming. You see how powerful this approach is? By deriving our Principle from Axioms, we can now use the Principle to deduce the true nature of scientific discovery.  This article is an inductive rationalization of the evidence to make it compatible with the popular science Star Trek universe (SciPop). Observations of this kind are starting to pile up. Here are some examples.

The observation is not of an extra-solar gas giant exoplanet. The observation is spectra which are similar to ruby and sapphire: CFM. This article is a classic example of what happens when you try to interpret empirical observations in a paradigm which is axiomatically wrong. The contrived geometry of the SciPop paradigm is what causes the erroneous distance and size of the object. This is the result of assuming heliocentricity.

And then there are the Exoplanets. Everyday there is more breathless excitement over the possibility that there may be planets just like earth out there for us to colonize. Just like Star Trek! There are a few ways to detect exoplanets but all of them require the choice to believe that they exist. The premise is then used as a way to design an experiment which will supply evidence for the conclusion. If you weren’t sure that’s called induction.

One of the methods involves measuring the spectra of a star. We find in many cases that the spectra alternate from blueshift to redshift. This is interpreted as Doppler effect caused by a star “wobbling” as its planetary system orbits it. We’re not observing any exoplanets. We are observing spectra alternating red/blue. This is what we would expect if a fragment of crystal with a layer of ruby and a layer of sapphire was rotating, reflecting alternating red/blue light.

Finding exoplanets starts with choosing to believe that they exist. Inductive reasoning, where you use your premise to supply evidence for your conclusion, does the rest.

There are times when reporting on new scientific observations gets ahead of the peer-review propaganda machine and the truth gets reported, almost by accident: CFM (Crystalline Firmament Material) The artist impression of the huge diamond in space shows it with a dull surface, however, we found it by detecting light that it reflected. This is what happens when the peer review propaganda machine catches up. Oops. We caught SciPop with its pants down.

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