Submit to the Law

God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, wrote the Bible and God knew that this day would come. Peter, foreseeing that the Church could come under attack for failing to obey local law, exhorts us to obey all laws.

Corporal Punishment

As a single dad who's been chewed up and spat out by by social services there isn't anything more sickening than a Pastor preaching at full-tilt and yelling about how he beat his kids for any minor infraction of his authority.

Restricted Speech

They didn't have a Constitution or a First Amendment in Paul's day, but it looks like the New Testament is unconstitutional. That's ironic given that many Evangelicals are gun-toting advocates of the Second Amendment.


Intolerance is anathema to Christianity, in theory, so it is particularly warped that Evangelicals have developed a very strong climate of intolerance based on Bible passages. Society, by-and-large and increasingly so, is tolerant.

September 28th

Christian leadership is fighting a loosing battle to stay in control of everything from political power to reproductive rights. They haven't realized that they're fighting for a way of life which is becoming illegal.