Institutionalized Misogyny

Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.

(Ephesians 5:22) NKJV

There’s quite a lot of teaching in the Bible about marriage and the relationship between husband and wife. It doesn’t sound good to the modern ear.

Discussing it can quickly become contentious and it’s part of the reason why people are turning away from what appears to be the institutional misogyny of established religion. Here’s the thing:

  • IF women are supposed to be ruled over by their husbands,
    • AND this is part of the curse that God put on them,
  • THEN what was the relationship before the curse?

The standard response is: they were equal. However, this really isn’t a mirror image of the effect that the curse had. The opposite of being ruled over is bearing rule, not being equal.

There’s something else odd about this passage. The word submit doesn’t appear to be in the Greek text of the phrase translated as v. 22.

– We can’t see the word submit.

Obviously the intent is to convey the idea that a wife should relate to her husband in the same way that she relates to the Lord.

This is the second part of a sentence. The first part of the sentence is where we find the word translated as submit. The problem is, the meaning of submission in v. 21 is subtly different from the clear implication that it’s been given in the way that v.22 has been rendered. Look how they did it in the King James Version.

The underlined part has been broken up by a paragraph divide while in the Greek it’s one sentence. The intent in v.21 is for us to submit ourselves to each other. This is starting to look like spaghetti syndrome. It’s institutionalized misogyny.

Spaghetti Syndrome

In Matty’s Paradigm we have to show that most theology is a product of the spaghetti syndrome.

If Adam and Eve had been equal before the curse then they should be equal after the curse, but they have a role reversal. The only conclusion that we can deduce is that before the curse, the woman was in charge.

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