Hypothesis 13

Our theory of gravitation has developed to include the Human soul. Souls are gravity nodes, each one unique and containing our consciousness and personality. We can test the hypothesis with gravitational waves.

One Life to Live

Adam and Eve were created to populate the earth with their offspring, until there was a body for each soul that God had created. This is why God is longsuffering: every soul has not been given a body yet.


The gravitational wave detector at LIGO has been online for a while but the first ever recorded detection of a gravitational wave was in September 2015. According to AST logic, they didn't exist before that.

The Story So Far

Even though we have been diligent to account for all physical evidence and empirical observations as we built our doctrine of the soul, and even though we account for all of the laws of physics, it's not enough. We need a predictive testable hypothesis for this to be truly scientific.

June 10th

Science can't detect the soul. Does that mean it doesn't exist? Using the logic “if science can’t detect it then it doesn’t exist,” then gravitational waves didn’t exist before September 2015.