Formation of the Great Coal Swamps

“Judge not, that you be not judged.

(Matthew 7:1) NKJV

The evidence that we have which has been assigned to the Pennsylvanian period is the total destruction of great swamps. They were buried and preserved, not formed. That’s why they’re now coal.

This is popular science doublespeak. In the context, formation means destruction.


RealityLight and TruthDarkness and EvilPaleoenvironment
Mass ExtinctionDiversification
World-wide floodContinued inundation of low-lying continents
Continued inundation of embayments and synclines
Extensive inundation of continents
Heavy rainfall and aridity
Low lying continents with some epicontinental flooding
Warm, epicontinental seas
– Doublespeak in the description of Paleoenvironments.

Hopefully some of you will be reacting in horror as the veil is rent and you can see SciPop for what it really is: darkness not light; evil not truth. What we have to be careful about is imputing evil motives to individual scientists or groups. By and large scientists are just doing their jobs, they’re not intentionally lying and there’s no global conspiracy.

The deception is so subtle that it’s sublime, and it could only have happened this way over the course of many generations if it was part of the plan that God has for this dispensation of the Earth. This is part of the strong delusion. It’s no one’s fault.

Our guide to the periods of geological history Wilson N. Stewart, for instance, has left us a trail of breadcrumbs to follow by which we can tear apart the entire narrative. Was he an evil man who was trying to hide the truth, or was he a good man trying to guide us to it? This is why we shouldn’t judge others. We don’t know what’s in their heart.

Next up is an example of a mainstream science article which objectively states that a great swamp was destroyed in a catastrophe. The great coal swamps are an ecosystem that got buried in a world-wide flood.

Pennsylvanian – Navigation

1PennsylvanianRomans 12:21
Uniformly Warm, Humid ClimatesGenesis 7:17
Further Intrusion of Epicontinental SeasGenesis 7:24
2Formation of the Great Coal SwampsMatthew 7:1
Catastrophically Buried Middle Pennsylvanian Sigillaria and Calamitean Sphenopsids from Indiana, USA: What Kind of Vegetation Was This?(Further reading)
Mosses, Lycopods, SphenopsidsIsaiah 10:17-18
3The Origin of Abundant DiversificationIsaiah 5:20
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way around the Pennsylvanian.

August 11th – Pennsylvanian

The premise that Noah’s flood didn’t happen is needed to establish the timescale for biological evolution. However, the evidence clearly shows that Noah’s flood happened.

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