The Forbidden Fruit

Genesis 2:15-17 describes events of the sixth day. It gives us an example of superficial theology. Apparently God lied because Adam didn't immediately drop dead when he ate the forbidden fruit.

The LORD God planted a garden

Sunlight filtering throught leave of a knarled tree in the fall

Genesis 2:8-9 is topical, not chronological. God planted a garden on the third day, and man was created on the sixth day. Since the garden was made for the man, then that's how it's described.

The Creation of Man

The narrative of Genesis 2 picks up with a broad synopsis of the creative process necessary to provide an environment where intelligent sentient beings, including Homo sapiens, will live.

Appearance of Modern Man

Atheist science trolls (ASTs) have some well-worn rhetorical ploys that they like to use to beat up creationists. We're going to show you why one of them is bogus. It's Principia Mattymatica Principle VII.

The Logic of Eden

The logic of Eden is deduced from a simple observation: IF rivers from Eden watered the surface of the Earth, AND water flows downhill, THEN Eden must have been the highest point on the Earth.

March 2nd

Genesis 1 and 2 aren't contradictory, they have different narrative styles. People who want to see contradictions are looking for an excuse to dismiss the truth, because they don't want the truth.