Chemistry and Physics in the Bible

See to it that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ.

(Colossians 2:8) RSV

People, even Christians, can’t stand it when you use the Bible as a scientific text. Modern theology is based on rejecting the possibility that the Bible has any scientific merit. That’s the most ignorant attitude that you could possibly have. Just sayin’.

The Gospel as Physics

SymbolTermForce or Action
AAgape gravityGod’s love is an outward force propelling our souls UP to heaven (anti-gravity),
pGphileo gravitational attractionbut we’re bound by sin, our fleshly lusts and carnal desires,
MMosaic gravity
(the law)
which causes us to be drawn DOWN to hell, an accumulated mass of corruption at the center of the Earth (SciPop gravity),
everlasting life
salvation is by grace through faith. Faith in Jesus Christ (q) is the power to overcome the law (M).
– the Gospel as Physics

There’s therefore now no condemnation to them which are [q], who walk not after [pG], but after [A]. For [q] has made me free from [M]. For what [M] couldn’t do, in that it was weak through [pG], [A] sending [q] in the likeness of [pG], and for [M], condemned [M] in [pG]: That the [q] might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after [pG], but after [A]. For they that are after [pG] do mind the things of [pG]; but they that are after [A] the things of [A]. For to be [pG] minded is death; but to be [A] minded is life and peace. Because the [pG] mind is enmity against [A]: for it’s not subject to [M], neither indeed can be. So then they that are [pG] can’t please [A].

(Romans 8:1-8) Paraphrased

The Physics of Christianity

AAgape gravity
God’s love and forgiveness
the Spirit,
spiritually minded.
MMosaic gravitythe law of sin and death,
the law of God
the law,
pGphileo gravitational attractionthe flesh,
sinful flesh,
carnally minded,
enmity against God.
Christ Jesus,
his own Son,
the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus,
the righteous requirement of the law.
– Romans 1:1-8 phraseology in the terms of Biblical gravitation.

The Gospel is Physics

FForceAAgape gravity (God’s love and forgiveness)
MMasspG (M)our weight of sin
AAccelerationqquickening (salvation through faith in Jesus Christ)
– Salvation and Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Greek Physics

A wordΛόγοςlogosJohn 1:1Logos: Λόγος – a Word
FirstπρῶτοςprótosRevelation 22:13Alpha and Omega
FoundationκαταβολῆςkataboléMatthew 13:35Foundation: καταβολῆς – katabolé
LastἔσχατοςeschatosRevelation 22:13Alpha and Omega
LoveἀγάπηagapēJohn 15:13A – Agape Gravity (anti-gravity)
LoveφιλῶphileóJohn 21:15p – Phileó Gravitational Attraction
Lustἐπιθυμίᾳepithumia2 Peter 1:3-4M – Mosaic Gravity
PleasuresἡδονῶνhédonéLuke 8:14M – Mosaic Gravity
ProtonπρῶτονprótonJames 3:17Sophia Proton
TimeΧρόνοςchronosRevelation 10:6-7Time no Longer
to Order, arrangeκεκοσμημένοιkosmeóRevelation 21:18-21To order, arrange: κοσμέω – kosmeó
to SayλέγωνlegóMatthew 1:20LEGO Ex Abyssi
– Chemistry and Physics concepts in Biblical Greek.

Greek and Hebrew Chemistry

AlphaἌλφαalphaRevelation 1:8Alpha and Omega
HydroxylIsaiah 1:16Hydroxyl (OH)
Nitreבַּנֶּ֔תֶרnetherJeremiah 2:22Nitre: בַּנֶּ֔תֶר – nether
OmegaomegaRevelation 1:8Alpha and Omega
One of a rowστοιχεῖαstoicheiaColossians 2:8Stoicheia tou Kosmou
to Rust overκατίωταιkatioóJames 5:3Kat Ion
To rust over: κατίωται – katioó
Soapוּכְבֹרִ֖יתborithMalachi 3:2Soap: וּכְבֹרִ֖ית – borith
– Chemistry concepts and chemical compounds in Greek and Hebrew.

The Holy Trinity

Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
ElohimAlphaAlpha & OmegaOmega
DispensationFirst, the beginningOnly begottenLast, the end
Tensewasisto come
ManifestationProtonthe deepOmega Oxygen
ParticleH+ΩOH (+H+ = H2O)ΩO2-
Life aspectSoulBodySpirit
AttributeMind, soul, heartBody, bloodBreath, wind
– Resolving the Holy Trinity with gender, dispensation, tense, particle physics and biological life.

Sophia Proton – σοφία πρῶτον

This post is part of the Sophia Proton (wisdom first) thought experiment.

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