What was the Darkness?

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

(Isaiah 45:7) KJV

The darkness that existed in the beginning (Genesis 1:1) was the absence of light. The darkness at the evening of the first day was the obstruction of light, shadow as opposed to void. This is why it had to have a new name: night.

As soon as light exposed matter, and as matter grew and became more complex, it began to exclude the light. What began as a burst of intense light that filled the whole of creation became dimmer as the complexity of the atoms, molecules, structures and organisms increased.

As atoms combined to make molecules, their light generating fusion now over, they cast shadows within their structures and darkness formed within them. The more complexity there was, the more shady and dark places there were. When the complexity of organic matter reached its peak, and all the potential for creating was developed, the reaction ran its course. The light faded. It was dark again.

There were particles emitting and propagating light but they were mingled with particles of dense darkness. Crystals of diamond were mixed with chunks of lead. These were all mingled together in the watery matrix. The same Hebrew word is used to refer to the darkness that existed in the beginning and the darkness that came after the light, but it’s interesting that the Lord named the second darkness night. It needed a new name because it was a created thing.

The light that shone in the waters soon could not penetrate into the hearts of large atomic nuclei. This is why there was night at the end of the first day. The reaction ran its course. The light that was emitted by nucleosynthesis didn’t stop existing, it was hindered by the organic complexity which had developed. The light was still there, but the universe was now full of shadows.

We’re deducing our way to the conclusion that the matter which formed during the creation of light had a variety of natures, including those that emit, propagate, or impede light. For example, here’s a possible classification of material types based on how elements interact with light:

Materials Classification

4Reflecting bright^^^^^^^^^^^^
5Reflecting dull^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

God is going to get every last drop of anything good and worth keeping out of this physical realm and take it into a new one. The corruption that is the Earth and the world of people still has some good in it, and this is manifested every time a soul calls upon the name of the Lord and receives salvation. Though like a cooling curve the rate at which goodness can be purified drops as the concentration of corruption increases. The Bible tells us of a great falling away that will occur at the end times. Is this not related to the fact that most of the goodness of this world has already been refined out of it? There are just a few drops left.

Any idea that we have about the truth that the Bible is revealing to us has to be consistent with the entirety of scripture. We can’t just pull a passage out of context and wave it around as proof of something. This is what the Flat Earth folk have done. If our idea is true then it will not only be consistent with the broad narrative of scripture generally,  but it should help us to understand things that we had overlooked or didn’t even realize were pertinent. More importantly, it will show us the mind of God.

January 31st – Night

Why did it get dark at the end of the first day?

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