Cursed Earth

Given the context of our core accretion model and the evidence of the destruction and decay of planet Earth we may deduce that the curse that God placed upon the ground was nuclear decay.

Relative Dates

Since there's no positive proof that nuclear decay rates have always been constant popular science (SciPop) depends on a negative result to a flawed hypothesis. When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to loose.

The Radioisotope Timescale

Popular science (SciPop) has a timescale designed to rationaliz biological evolution. Along the way it's picked up several pieces of supposedly supporting evidence, one of which is radiocarbon and radioisotope dating.

Hypothesis 10

IF nuclear decay isn't constant, AND an initial burst of radiation caused the core of the Earth to melt, THEN material from the lower mantle will melt and fall into the molten core which is why it's expanding.