Mesozoic/Middle Noachian (Inundation)

And the waters prevailed on the earth one hundred and fifty days.

(Genesis 7:24) NKJV

Meso– means middle. Something is different about Mesozoic sediment compared to Paleozoic and Cenozoic. Paleozoic was the deluge. Mesozoic was the time when the waters remained high on the Earth, the inundation.

This was when a lot of sediment suspended in the water column precipitated out into beds. The last material to fall, Iridium, shocked grains of quartz and rolled glass beads, was deposited at the top of this part of the stratigraphic column.

Mesozoic Era

Middle NoachianInundation (Buried in Place)
K/T BoundaryIridium anomaly
– Periods, Epochs and Events of the Mesozoic Era.

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