Predictive Prophecy

People, even Christians, commonly claim is that the Bible isn't scientific. One reason being that it doesn't make any predictions which can be tested. We'll show you that the Bible is predictive, testable and scientific.

The New Deep

Ezekiel tells us that a great river will issue forth from the temple in the Jerusalem. This is part of a hydrological cycle which doesn't presently exist. It's established along with the Millennial Kingdom.

Sun and Moon

The Millennial Kingdom will have a sun and moon, although the sun will be a dim glimmer compared to what it is now. The majority of the light in the Millennial Kingdom will be the glory of the Lord who now inhabits Jerusalem.

Ultimate Responsibility

Comparison of Earth's size and internal structure through history

Adam let his wife be in charge and he did whatever she said, even when he knew that it was wrong, so, despite the fact that Adam had delegated leadership responsibility to his wife, God still held him accountable.