Bald man with handlebar mustache in military uniform

Our comic super heroines Sophia Proton and her trusty sidekick Kat Ion have found their Arch-villain: Neinstein. He's probably somewhere between Sherlock Holmes' Moriarty and Friedrich Nietzsche.


The main evidence for the expansion of the universe is something called redshift. Redshift is the tendency for the light of far away objects to be composed of wavelengths at the red end of the spectrum.

Time Dilation Math

We can calculate a distance to the firmament with the question: If GPS clocks are faster by 38,640 ns per day at an orbital radius of 26,541 km, what's the orbital radius when the clocks are faster by 1,000 years?

February 17th

Diagram showing how gravitational time dilation can account for observed redshift

ainstream Science (SciPop) is an inductive rationalization of the premise that the universe doesn't require a divine or supernatural cause. All evidence of the supernatural has to be rationalized as something else.

December 3rd

When the mystery of God is finished will time stop? Is eternity being bored out of our minds for ever and ever. Or is eternity where there's no passage of time? We can solve this conundrum with physics.