A Flaw in Our Understanding of the Core

New research has uncovered a flaw in our understanding of the core — specifically, about the manner in which heat energy flows from the core and through the overlying mantle. The core is younger than the rest of the planet.

Creationism #EpicFail 1

Comparison of Earth before and after Peleg's tectonics.

We believe that God can't lie. Let's face it, why would anyone believe a God who lies? The Bible has an extensively developed doctrine of hell which allows us to deduce the internal structure of the Earth.

The Original Sin

The original sin is the reason why God cursed the Earth, but it isn't the reason for why the creation is in a fallen state. This is something that a lot of people haven't grasped. How can the two things be different?

Where is Hell?

Sadly, it appears that the majority of scientifically-minded Christians who have a working knowledge of geologic and tectonic process of the Earth will defiantly reject a model which has hell at the center.

Adam is the Ground

The curse on Adam was the curse on the Earth. Adam's name and the Hebrew word translated "ground" have the same root and they're practically the same thing. Adam is the ground, it's what he's made of.

Rich and Sorrowful

Kids are taught from the time that they can look at a screen that the earth is an insignificant little speck which is orbiting an insignificant speck. The underlying message: you're insignificant.

Giving and Receiving

IF Agape gravity is a force propelling us up to heaven (Z bosons) AND Mosaic gravity is a force pulling us down into the core of the Earth (W bosons) THEN is there something affecting whether we go to heaven or hell?