Current Theories of Earth’s Internal Structure

For a fire is kindled in My anger, And shall burn to the lowest hell; It shall consume the earth with her increase, And set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

(Deuteronomy 32:22) NKJV

Let’s be clear: information on the interior of the Earth is scant. Current theories of Earth’s internal structure are crumbling as materials analysis opens up new and better data about what’s happening in the interior of the Earth. All current theories of the interior of the Earth are an induction of evidence to fit the premise that there’s no hell, but there’s nothing that can actually prove that hell isn’t there.

The collective will of our society has been embodied in a process called Peer Review, and this system is designed to maintain the internal logical consistency of the popular science paradigm (SciPop). Peer Review is also dominated by atheist intellectual elites so there’s no possible way for it to objectively evaluate sources of evidence.

It has been decided that there’s no hell, therefore all evidence that comes to light will be inductively rationalized to fit this premise.

The problem being faced is that materials analysis has revealed that the materials which make up the interior of the Earth don’t behave the way that we thought they did when the premise was chosen. This proves that the premise there’s no hell isn’t a conclusion which may be deduced, it’s a rationalization which has to be induced.

Current theories are moving towards the idea that the molten core of the Earth is younger than the Earth itself. This doesn’t fit the version of the core accretion model which has been an accepted part of SciPop for decades.

However, it perfectly fits the Matty’s Paradigm core accretion model and the conclusion that we’ve deduced that hell began after the formation of planet Earth at the fall of man in Genesis 3.

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July 7th – Hell? Really?

Most people, Christian or not, don’t believe in a physical hell. Regardless of religious affiliation (or lack of) hell has fallen between the cracks of mythology.

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