A common response to the human soul is that there isn't one because science can't detect it. However, we first detected gravitational waves in 2015. What else can't science detect? We don't know, science can't detect it.

In Hades he Looked Up

The rich man, in hell, lifts up his eyes and speaks of his torment in flame. Here's the thing: Abraham and Lazarus are also in hell, but they're not in flame. This may be confusing, but it's compatible with our model.

The Bosom of Abraham

The first thing we have to account for is Abraham's bosom. The meaning of this is simple, Lazarus was being consoled by Abraham: Abraham was giving Lazarus a hug. That's how simple it is.

Abraham and Lazarus

We have spent considerable time on resolving all of the issues which pertain to the parable of Abraham and Lazarus. They aren't in heaven, they're in sheol. This isn't metaphorical, it's accurate geology.

Ascending and Descending

If our souls start in hell then this life is our one chance to escape it forever. We have been given an opportunity to respond to the truth which has been revealed to us. No one has an excuse.