Life is Derived From Water

Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear.

(Matthew 14:25-26) NKJV

Pastors and preachers talk about how Peter started walking on water but when he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink. We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) want to make this passage about Jesus, not Peter.

On the Peter side of this there are parallels that can be made in each of our lives. That’s the easy part. On the Jesus side it’s an illustration of the Lord manipulating the properties of water. Who knows what he did to it? Perhaps he caused it to assume its crystal lattice form in the area immediately beneath his feet as he walked? We don’t think it really matters. If our definition of water is accurate it should be able to accommodate all of the observed effects and properties of water. Here’s part of what popular science (SciPop) thinks about water.

Living organisms are absolutely dependent upon water for their existence. Water is the most abundant biomolecule, accounting for most of the mass of living cells – in fact, water accounts for 60% to 90% of most cells or tissues. Both the physical and chemical properties of water make it important in biology. An excellent solvent of ionic and polar substances, water is the medium in which many of the chemicals of the cell are dissolved. The ability of water to ionize and to participate in acid-base reactions is fundamental to the functions of proteins, nucleic acids, and many other biomolecules.

– Horton et. al. (1993) p. 2-1

It sounds so patronizing, like someone introducing a successful interview candidate. It’s hard to know what to say about water, or how to say it. Based on what we know about the character and nature of God and his interaction with people throughout history we can deduce Biblical properties of water.

Properties of Water

  • A substance which predates creation, from which the universe was created.
  • The physical medium in which cause and effect are linked.
  • The essence of free will.
  • A physical substance which allows God to manifest his glory.

This brings us one step closer to finding out what water really IS. We weren’t being deliberate in choosing our words in part 4 of the definition but it’s an intriguing thought: Does water actually ALLOW God to manifest his glory? As if water is sentient and is being cooperative by a willful choice? Is water sentient, and did it agree to being the basis for God’s creation?

We could assume that water’s inert, it’s just stuff. We could choose to believe that it’s dead and has no essence or will. But water’s obviously something unique and special. Did God find water drifting through space or did he create it? Has it always existed as God has? Did God choose water because of its unique properties, or have those properties been imparted to it by God so that it would be fit for his purpose?

We can deduce the origin of water. This is known as first cause.

First Cause and Effect

  • IF Alpha, male, God the father
    • AND Omega, female, God the Holy Spirit
  • THEN Alpha and Omega, neuter, the only begotten, God the Son, Jesus Christ

It’s also the origin of gender and of the concept of logic: logos, reasoning expressed by words. This just happens to be one of the names of God the Son, the Word of God.

Logos: Λόγος – a Word

  • lógos from /légō, “speaking to a conclusion
    • a word, being the expression of a thought; a saying. /lógos (“word”) is preeminently used of Christ (Jn 1:1), expressing the thoughts of the Father through the Spirit.
  • sharing a message (discourse, “communication-speech”).
  • a broad term meaning “reasoning expressed by words
    • properly, a collecting, collection and that, as well of those things which are put together in thought, as of those which, having been thought i. e. gathered together in the mind, are expressed in words. Accordingly, a twofold use of the term is to be distinguished: one which relates to speaking, and one which relates to thinking.
  • reason, the mental faculty of thinking, meditating, reasoning, calculating, etc.:
    • of the divine mind, pervading and noting all things by its proper force, Hebrews 4:12.

If God the Father is alpha, and God the Holy Spirit is Omega, then begetting the son is an act of conception which brought forth Alpha & Omega. Alpha and Omega are no longer separate, they’re combined in one, but they exist alongside Alpha and Omega so they are three in one. This allows us to derive the Holy Trinity as a formula which just happens to be water, the deep. There are a few steps.

The Holy Trinity, cause and effect

  1. God the Father, the first elemental particle, Hydrogen H+(Alpha)
  2. God the Holy Spirit, Omega Oxygen ΩO2- (Omega)
  3. God the Son, the fusion of these particles ΩOH (Alpha & Omega)
    • In the beginning the Son was God and was with God
    • ΩOH +H+ = H2O (the deep).

The Holy Trinity, particle

God the FatherHydrogen
the first elemental particle
God the Holy SpiritOmega OxygenOmegaΩO2-
God the SonHydroxylAlpha and OmegaΩOH
– Identities of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity, formulaic

In the beginning was the Wordand the Word was with Godand the Word was God
ΩOHΩOH +H+ = H2OH+ + ΩO2- = ΩOH
– John 1:1 as a chemical formula.

If Alpha is Hydrogen, Omega is ΩOxygen, then Alpha & Omega is Hydroxyl who, in a plasma with Hydrogen is H2O, the deep. This may sound ridiculous or absurd to most people, especially Christians, but the table below shows us how this picks up and unifies a variety of concepts including gender, dispensation, tense, manifestation, particle, life aspects and attributes.

The Holy Trinity

Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
ElohimAlphaAlpha & OmegaOmega
DispensationFirst, the beginningOnly begottenLast, the end
Tensewasisto come
ManifestationProtonthe deepOmega Oxygen
ParticleH+ΩOH (+H+ = H2O)ΩO2-
Life aspectSoulBodySpirit
AttributeMind, soul, heartBody, bloodBreath, wind
– Resolving the Holy Trinity with gender, dispensation, tense, particle physics and biological life.

This gives us the correct Christ-centered perspective in which to regard water. SciPop has induced the rationalization that water is a by-product of the existence of the universe, and it’s pure luck that there happens to be a planet with a high proportion of it at the right temperature to allow life to evolve. This kind of ALLOW is passive, not active. SciPop has gotten cause and effect backwards.

The universe is a by-product of the existence of water. There’s no luck involved in the fact that there’s life on this planet, it’s what this planet was created for.

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