Deep Calls to Deep

We're going to ignore the possibility that Psalms 42:7 is flowery poetic language intended to teach us something spiritual. Instead we're going to use it as the description of a hydrological system in a test of Hypothesis 22.

The Great Deep

The deep and the great deep are both translated from the same Hebrew word, tehom. The difference signifies a transition from the deep where Earth was created to when the great deep is in the interior of the Earth.

Off the Deep End

We're going to go off the deep end which we found at the bottom of a rabbit hole: we'll draw a direct connection between the Holy Trinity and particle physics. By doing so we arrive at a theory of first cause.

The New Deep

Ezekiel tells us that a great river will issue forth from the temple in the Jerusalem. This is part of a hydrological cycle which doesn't presently exist. It's established along with the Millennial Kingdom.

Ex nihilo #EpicFail

If we take our outreach evangelism back to creation we're going to have to deal with the odd notion that God created the universe from nothing. It's referred to as Ex nihilo. It's neither Biblical nor is it physically possible.

The Deep

The deep existed in the beginning, before God began to create. This means that creation isn't ex nihilo, from nothing, it's ex abyssi, from the deep. This is so obvious that everyone has missed it completely.

Deep Water

Stylalized ball-and-stick water molecule

It sounds like a script for an episode of Star Trek or an entry in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. However, this is our reality. We still haven't unraveled the mystery of what water IS though.