Gravity and the Soul

My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

(Psalms 139:15) KJV

God created gravity on the second day to permanently separate light from darkness, good from evil. The first gravitational singularity is at the center of the Earth. Singularities may be at the center of the sun and the other planets.

If this is the case, then God can create singularities which have a specific frequency which determines the composition of the resultant planetary body. In the case of the sun the singularity is tuned to the frequency of Hydrogen. This gives us a key to understand how a gravitational singularity, or node, could be the key to how it is that we’re all sentient beings with a unique personal identity.

The foundations of the earth refers to a gravitational singularity at the center of Earth and it gives us the core accretion model. Another aspect of the Biblical theory of gravity has to do with the nature of the soul. We deduced a definition of the soul:

A soul is a gravity node with a frequency unique to each individual, it encompasses the scriptural concepts of mind and heart:
– mind: the seat of our consciousness and personality;
– heart: the emotions and passion which drive and motivate us.
Our soul makes us sentient.

Soul, definition

We further conclude that the accumulated mass of souls (gravity nodes) and the singularity at the center of the Earth are one and the same. As such, we were formed in the lower parts of the Earth, we’re given life on the surface and our eventual outcome, heaven or hell, is dependent on how we respond to God’s revealed truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

This gives a way in which our consciousness and personality can exist in our body, but then after death continue in either a non-corporeal state in hell or be transferred into another body in heaven. This fits the broad narrative of separating light from darkness using gravity. Some souls choose the light, some choose the darkness.

Within this context our theory of gravity refutes both Newtonian Physics and Relativity while accounting for the observed and measured effects of gravity. Science remains intact, Newton and Einstein are irrelevant.

The causal relationship between space-time and gravity is universally accepted but it’s an assumption based on circumstantial evidence. Instances of gravity, singularities or nodes, are created by God and have a specific quantity and frequency that affects the properties of the resultant body. Each human soul is a node of gravity which contains our consciousness and personality.

– Gravity, context

The observed and measured effects of gravity are in harmony with the purpose of creation, indeed, gravity was created specifically to bring about the fulfillment of this purpose. The creation of gravity also gives us a way to account for why rapid nuclear decay caused by the fall of man melted the core of the Earth, not the surface. This is the reason why hell is at the center of the Earth. Believing in Jesus Christ is the power to overcome gravity, avoid hell, and go to heaven.

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