Gravity and the Soul

The foundations of the earth refers to a gravitational singularity at the center of Earth and it gives us the Biblical core accretion model. Another aspect of the Biblical theory of gravity has to do with the nature of the soul.

A Great Gulf

We're at a great advantage over the spaghetti theologians because we've deduced how the passage from Luke resolves with a physical reality. We don't regard any part of this parable as being metaphorical or allegorical.

August 14th

The Triassic is another microcosm of inductive reductive circular reasoning that we may wryly refer to as an "eddy in the space-time continuum." It's a tip of the hat to Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

February 5th

Gravity is the force used to bring about the permanent physical separation of light from darkness. This required God to stop time at the center of creation, using a gravitational singularity on the second day.

December 22nd

Cutaway of planet Earth showing the crust, mantle, great gulf and hell.

Every Christian intellectual needs to understand the reasons why popular science doesn't have hell at the center of the earth and a great gulf of open space between the surface of hell and the lower mantle.