Eternity and The Heart

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

(Ecclesiastes 3:11) NKJV

Our investigation into the nature of the soul and gravity has led us to realize the importance of a phenomenon known as gravitational time dilation. It’s what we euphemistically refer to as the donkey’s jawbone.

The Donkey’s Jawbone

Also know as gravitational time dilation (GTD)

  1. At the center of the Earth
    • time isn’t passing.
  2. At a radial distance of 6,371 km (the surface of Earth)
    • a day is 24 hours.
  3. At the distance of the firmament (the remote regions of the cosmos)
    • 24 hours on Earth surface is 1,000 years.

The donkey’s jawbone (Judges 15:15) expresses the fact that it’s possible for the Earth to be about 6,000 years old while the remote regions of the cosmos my be 13.8 billion years old, or more, at the same time. This is due to a phenomenon known as gravitational time dilation. The connection between physics and the Bible is that, figuratively speaking, what Samson did to the Philistines in Lehi with a donkey’s jawbone is what’s going to happen in theoretical physics when the penny drops.

– Donkey’s Jawbone, definition

Matty’s Paradox

The ramifications of gravitational time dilation (GTD).

Taking into consideration the fact that GTD is a measurable phenomenon and combining it with our definition of gravity we now have a definition of time.

Time is a field emitted from the singularity at the center of the Earth which causes a linear progression of moments to pass at a rate which is proportional to the square of its distance from the source.

– Time, definition

The beauty of this concept is that, if the singularity at the center of the Earth is where God stopped time, but the passage of time is proportional to the distance from it, then time is both not passing and all of it has passed simultaneously. Now, if part of this singularity is what God used to give each of us a soul (a gravity node) then he literally put eternity in our hearts. It’s something which may be expressed as physics, even though it has been rendered poetically in the Psalms.

The Big Picture – Navigation

1IntroductionPsalms 8:4
2A Biblical Narrative for PhysicsRomans 5:12
3Gravity and the SoulPsalms 139:15
4Eternity and the HeartEcclesiastes 3:11
5Where is Hell?Deuteronomy 32:22
6Hypothesis 16Romans 1:18-20
7What do we Need to be Saved From?2 Peter 3:9
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
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July 19th – The Big Picture

If the truth about God is self-evident what’s the significance for atheism? Atheism isn’t intellectually viable.

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