Genesis 1:3 is E=MC2

People think that the theory of relativity is summed up in the equation E=MC2 . The truth is, relativity is an opportunistic rationalization of circumstantial evidence, and E=MC2 specifies a set of conditions which don't occur anywhere in nature.

The Curse on Women

Revelation chapter 12 includes a fascinating description of an event in the heavens. Is it real, or is it a metaphor for something? Is it a prophecy about the future, or is it a historical event?

The Creation of Gravity

a drawing compass and the creation of gravity on the second day

In a similar manner to that in which God said: Let there be light, the light was a reaction to nuclear fusion; when God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, it was a reaction to the creation of of gravity.

Math is Imaginary

Math is imaginary, it exists in your mind when you have faith that numerals represent concepts. You can write it down but that's a visual representation of what you've chosen to believe. As such, math is the language of faith.

Time Dilation

Diagram showing how gravitational time dilation can account for observed redshift

Albert Einstein predicted relativistic time dilation: the faster we go the slower time passes. At the speeds that humans travel it's inconsequential. It's a diversion away from the more significant gravitational time dilation.