Where is the Soul?

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

Here's our premise in the form of a testable hypothesis. It's simple deduction: if believing in Jesus Christ is the power to be free from hell in the center of Earth, then we must have started life in the center of Earth.

Gravity and the Soul

The foundations of the earth refers to a gravitational singularity at the center of Earth and it gives us the Biblical core accretion model. Another aspect of the Biblical theory of gravity has to do with the nature of the soul.

Hypothesis 27

We can combine the doctrine that we've existed from the foundation of the world (first cause), gravitation, the broad narrative of scripture, and redemption into a unified theory of everything and deduce the nature of the soul.

Time to Escape

It turns out that physics and the Bible are in perfect harmony and it's possible to use the Bible to deduce a theory of gravity. If that doesn't make you pay attention, we're not sure what will.