Hell is Darkness, Heaven is Light

He sings before men and says:
‘I sinned and perverted what was right,
and it was not repaid to me.
He has redeemed my soul from going down into the pit,
and my life shall look upon the light.’

“Behold, God does all these things,
twice, three times, with a man,
to bring back his soul from the pit,
that he may be lighted with the light of life.

(Job 33:27-30) ESV

Creation has a purpose which combines the spiritual goal of separating good from evil with the physics of separating light from darkness. It gives us a unified theory of everything within the broad narrative of scripture.

The purpose of creation is to bring about the permanent physical separation of light from darkness, day from night, good from evil.

– The Purpose of Creation

To ensure consistency with the purpose of creation, death and hell must be dark while life and heaven must be light.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

Hell is Darkness

In the example above light is the alternative to the pit, therefore the pit is darkness. The pit, the pit of corruption, lowest hell and the bottomless pit are all synonyms for the molten core of the Earth. Hell is iron rich and it’s rotating which gives us a unified field theory.

Hell formed around the source of Earth’s gravitational field (a singularity), it’s iron-rich, so it produces its magnetic field, and its rotation causes its electric charge (dipole moment) as per Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

– The unified field theory in one sentence. You’re welcome.

There’s a reason for the purpose of creation which is where we come in, because it represents the choice we have to make as we respond to God’s revealed truth about the creation which we’re part of.

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, because of evidence.

– Faith, definition

Heaven is Light

Every good gift and every perfect present comes from heaven; it comes down from God, the Creator of the heavenly lights, who does not change or cause darkness by turning.

(James 1:17) Good News Translation

In context the firmament refers to the third heaven, it’s above, and it’s translated from the Hebrew word raqia, which means a rigid structure, like metal beaten into a thin sheet. This is identified as a sea of glass, and we know that it shines as brightly as the sun. As such, the phrase, you cover yourself with light, may be poetic but it’s literally true, it’s an accurate description of the physical reality.

Taking Bible verses out of context is dangerous, but what if we examine the context and find that there is congruence between flowery poetic language and empirical observations of our physical reality?

Hypothesis 22

The third heaven is a sphere of crystal on the edge of space. It encloses the cosmos and shines brightly. It was stretched.. out like a curtain, so that’s not just poetic either.


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

Why does it matter?

The reason for creation is the manifestation of sentient life with free will.

– The Reason for Creation

The purpose and reason for creation combine to give us the answer to life, the universe and everything, which we’ve shown includes an actual hell of molten fire at its center and an actual heaven with a sea of glass on the edge of space.

Why did God create the universe?
The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything:

God created the universe so that sentient beings with free will could make a choice between light or darkness, life or death.

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

The choice between light or darkness, life or death, is a simple one: Jesus Christ is the light and the life. If you want to live believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again. “I am the light of the world,” he said. “Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.”

(John 8:12) Good News Translation

Jesus answered him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.

(John 14:6) Good News Translation

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