Gravity as a Process

He setteth an end to darkness, and searcheth out all perfection: the stones of darkness, and the shadow of death.

(Job 28:3) KJV

There are some eyebrow-raising translations of this verse which have been rendered by people who were trying very hard to make sense out of it. Here’s an example:

Miners explore the deepest darkness.
They search the depths of the earth And dig for rocks in the darkness.

(Job 28:3) Good News Translation

If we ignore all attempts to understand this but arrange the word definitions in the sequence that they occur we can get another idea of meaning. The definition of each word is enclosed in [square brackets]. The standard translations are included but we’ll find that there are other meanings available to us when we examine each word carefully. Punctuation follows the original passage.

[at the end of time] [to put, place, set] [darkness, obscurity] ,
[the whole, all (every)] [end, completeness] :

[he, she, it] [to search ( examining thoroughly )] [ a stone, a weight] [darkness, gloom of underworld] ,
[death-like shadow, deep shadow].

(Job 28:3) Literal

The passage appears to be telling us that,

at the end of time, all darkness will be set in a place:
it will sink like a stone, into the gloom of the underworld.

(Job 28:3) Paraphrased

We break this down by showing the meaning of every word, then using our context (the core accretion model) to select which part of the meaning of each word we’re going to use.

Job 28:3 Translation

HebrewLiteral TranslationMeaningTransliteration
Gravity as a Process
קֵ֤ץAn endat the end of timeqets
שָׂ֤ם[Man] putsto put, place, setsum
לַחֹ֗שֶׁךְto darknessdarknesschoshek
וּֽלְכָלand everyto hang togetherulekal
ה֣וּאhehe, she, ithi
אֶ֖בֶןfor orea stoneeben
אֹ֣פֶלin the darknessgloom of the underworldophel
וְצַלְמָֽוֶתand the shadow of deathdeath-like shadowtsalmaveth
Job 28:3 Translation
– Hebrew sometimes doesn’t display correctly in WordPress tables, it may be reversed

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