The Potter’s Hand

a potter makes a clay bowl on a wheel

We have to deduce a physical process by which a solid ball of stratified sediment, the Earth at the end of the second day, is formed into a hollow sphere with a hydrological system by the end of the third day.

Hypothesis 1

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

We have a Biblical basis for the core accretion model and the origin and timing of Precambrian fossils which were deposited synchronously with the formation of an Oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Hypothesis 22

For those of you who think that those of us who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible are stupid, we can show that even Biblical literalists don't have an inkling of the extent to which the Bible can be taken literally.

The Earth Narrative

Cutaway of planet earth showing hell at the center

The peer review driven popular science Earth narrative (SciPop) begins with the premise that the Bible is wrong and hell isn't at the center. It continues with the idea that the Earth is rotating.

What is a Fact?

Someone made the charge that we're denying science. It looked like the knee-jerk reaction of someone with a progressive agenda, a scientifically illiterate science worshiper (SISW). We attempted to explain two things:

Timeline Review

Comparison of Earth before and after Peleg's tectonics.

The wind which God sent to evaporate the flood water caused rapid cooling and the formation of equatorial and polar ice. Evidence of equatorial glaciation is arbitrarily assigned to the Permian arbitrary time hack (ATH).