Known of God

Davidson Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon page CCXCVIII

"You can only be fully loved when you're fully known,' is heartwarming sentiment and it's used as an exhortation to participate in small groups which meet between church services on week days.

Mist or Steam?

The context of the mist that went up is important. It's part of the narrative of the week of creation when the fountains of the great deep had to be sealed after the deep had drained through them into the interior of the Earth.

A Spellyng Mystaque

It turns out that theologians fudge their data just like scientists do. Sometimes things don't make sense, do they? What could possibly be wrong with helping them make sense? This approach is inductive, aka eisegesis.

The Lamb of God

Why was the lamb slain at the foundation of the world? So that light could become darkness, good could become evil, the sinless could become sin, and we could have sentient life with free will.