The 10 Eras

The Biblical history of hell expanding has 9 eras that bring us to the present day. The Millennial Kingdom is the 10th.

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity


Precambrian sediments and the core accretion model support the creation of gravity on the second day.

Precambrian fossils represent the aquatic life which developed on the first day. They weren’t deposited in Noah’s flood.


The Naiveian was that blissful time of indeterminate length before Adam and Eve did anything stupid in the garden of Eden. They were naive. The climate was warm and equable.


We cover the cursed Earth, and changes to the hydrological cycle at the fall of man, in the devotional for July.


We cover the time immediately before Noah’s flood, the flood and its aftermath in the devotional for August.

Lower Noachian

After a period during which humanity experienced global warming, the Earth reached boiling Point: Noah’s flood.

Present Day

Hell is expanding. It’s the cause of global warming. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to escape it. What we can learn about the universe from the Bible is synthesized in the devotional for October.

Millennial Kingdom

Changes that happen to Earth during the tribulation are discussed in the devotional for November

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