Peleg’s Tectonics

Christians are making major strides in how they're able to account for the stratigraphic column as being the remnants of Noah's flood. They're embracing the material and have developed some technical proficiency.

Timeline Review

Comparison of Earth before and after Peleg's tectonics.

The wind which God sent to evaporate the flood water caused rapid cooling and the formation of equatorial and polar ice. Evidence of equatorial glaciation is arbitrarily assigned to the Permian arbitrary time hack (ATH).

Mantle Collapse

Cutaway Earth with molten hell at the center, after Peleg's tectonics and radial shrinkage

If you use the Bible to deduce something and conclude that there needs to be something else in the Bible to confirm it, you search the Bible to find what you deduced was needed. If you find it, you're on the right track.

Creationism Schism

Tectonic breakup of Pangaea had to be after Babel. It's a logically certain conclusion. It's the only way to reconcile the Bible with the physical evidence. The result is a perfect harmonization of scripture with science.

Hypothesis 35

The Pangaea super-continent was broken into continental landmasses sometime after the tower of Babel. People and fauna were dispersed to all corners of Pangaea and then the tectonic plates formed.