Only Half a Life?

worried girl in summer dress on train platform

What do you really want out of life? Do you want to fool yourself with SciPop that there's no hell so that you can live this fraught and miserable existence and end up in it?

May 17th

A prediction of Einstein’s theory of relativity may be used to prove that the soul is a gravity node because spiritual entities use gravitational lensing to project holograms.

April 3rd

Copernicus taught us how to imagine an alternative reality. He wrote the first episode of Star Trek. Galileo, Kepler, Newton and others convinced the modern mind that their imaginary alternative is reality.

Everlasting Light

We're told that the new heaven and new Earth, where we'll life for eternity, is a place of perpetual light. We're making the case that this permanent physical separation of light from darkness is the purpose of creation.

February 22nd

Rock outcrop at Pilot Mountain State Park, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If we accept an effect as being its own cause then we've done something called inductive reasoning, where our premise is used to supply evidence for our conclusion. It's also called circular reasoning.