Conic Sections

When we ask the question: what's at the second focus in Kepler's laws there's another stock response which comes up with surprising frequency. It appears that everyone has been trained to give this answer.

Whom Thou Choosest

Sometimes we just need to gather up our thoughts. We can ponder things in such a way that we see a theme, and then we develop the theme by picking through some scripture. The word chosen occurs in a couple of Jesus' parables.

Simplistic Complexity

Cutaway of planet Earth showing the crust, mantle, great gulf and hell.

Our last attempt to explain to a Pastor that hell is in the center of the Earth didn’t go well. It was over a year ago and we’ve been biding our time since, intentionally avoiding contentious public disputes with other Christians.

Grasslands Limited

"Grasslands limited". This is a microcosm of circular reasoning in two words. Whenever the remains of a grassland habitat is found fossilized it's assigned to something other than the Eocene.

Hypothesis 4

Was Mars the source of sediment for the Old Red Sandstone in Scotland? Comparing specimens from Mars and Scotland will show that they have the same provenance.

Soul Destroying

"Soul destroying" is commonly used to mean "causing a person to feel very unhappy or depressed." For example: the soul-destroying confinement of city life. This means that the soul is continuing in its unhappy state.