Rubies and Sapphires

There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.

(Proverbs 20:15) KJV

If there are football field-sized and larger pieces of ruby and sapphire in the Kuiper belt (crystalline firmament material), then we should see light spectra consistent with ruby and sapphire.

Take this example of typical popular science (SciPop) breathless, giddy, reporting and we’ll see how to weed out fact from fiction:

Winds of Rubies and Sapphires

Powerful winds detected on gas giant outside solar system for the first time.

An exoplanet 16 times bigger than the Earth has shown signs of powerful changing winds, say researchers. This is the first time that the weather systems were observed on a gas giant outside of the solar system and the researchers documented their findings in the journal Nature Astronomy.


Articles like this, with their sophomoric enthusiasm for the Star Trek universe, don’t usually have any facts or data. If they do you have to read them carefully to find it. The headline isn’t the data. Let’s compare the headline to the data:

  • Is there data indicating something outside the solar system? NO
  • Is there data indicating a gas giant? NO
  • Is there data indicating wind? NO

What is the data? Light with spectra indicating that it was reflected from surfaces composed of ruby and sapphire. That’s it. That’s the evidence. Here are at least two ways that we may interpret this evidence:

  1. In Matty’s Paradigm the light is reflected from a fragment of CFM which has two layers, one ruby, one sapphire. It’s rotating, which is why the spectra of the light continually changes. The fragment is in the Kuiper Belt.
    • There are no assumptions, this model is deduced from scripture.
  2. In SciPop the observation has to be explained in a way that fits the Star Trek narrative. This requires induction. Here’s what the induction looks like.
    1. A minute speck in the sky extrapolates out to the size of a gas giant in an extra-solar system because of how assuming heliocentricity affects geometry.
    2. IF we assume that it’s a gas giant,
    3. AND we assume that we would only see the upper layers of the atmosphere,
      • THEN the upper atmosphere must contain rubies and sapphires,
    4. BUT the only way for rubies and sapphires to be in the upper atmosphere is to assume that there are strong winds.

This article is a classic example of what happens when you try to interpret empirical observations in a paradigm which is axiomatically wrong. The contrived geometry of the SciPop paradigm is what causes the erroneous distance and size of the object. This is the result of assuming heliocentricity.

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