a drawing compass and the creation of gravity on the second day

The compass point on the face of the depth is the location of a gravitational singularity. It's refered to as the foundation(s) of the earth. The circle that the compass metaphorically draws is the location of the firmament (heaven).

Formless > Formed

In the beginning the deep was formless. The subsequent account of creation shows how form and function go through several rounds of increasing order and complexity. The first was to take on the form of a sphere.

The Core Accretion Model

Planet earth on the second day as concentric layers of sediment around a gravitational singularity

They key to understanding the inception of gravity as the creative act of the second day is the synchronicity between stretching out the heavens and establishing the foundations of the Earth. One command did both.

Deducing Gravity

Gravity is fundamental to the working out of God's plan for creation. So how on Earth did we manage to deduce that gravity was created on the second day? There are three parts to this logic:

The Milk of the Word

We find that there are passages of scripture which, though appearing to be metaphorical, describe actual physical conditions or chemical reactions. These misunderstood passages are dismissed as flowery poetic language.If a baby needs milk to survive before it can tolerate solid food, has this been patterned after the processes which took place on the first and second days of the creation of the universe?

March 14th

It's March 14 which could be written as 3.14, the mathematical constant Π which expresses the relationship between circumference and diameter. Atheist science trolls (ASTs) dismiss the Bible because, supposedly, it has the wrong value for Π.