Cherub Classification

We're going to use the Cherubim as a case study of the benefit of using spherogenetic systematics as a deductive tool. According to scripture Cherubim have mostly mammalian, not reptilian, characteristics.

You Shall Die of Dying

Did the curse on the serpent happen immediately, or did it occur in the first generation of offspring? Since we don't know for sure let's consider what God said to Adam about the tree of knowledge.

The Cockatrice

God cursed the serpent to go on it's belly, therefore it can't have been on it's belly. However, did it's legs immediately disappear? Probably not.

July 1st

The fall of man was an effect. The cause was disobedience. We're going to develop a coherent narrative around the harmonization of scripture with science because we understand the relationship between cause and effect.

May 18th

A new definition of "scientific knowledge" has arisen in post-Hawking mainstream science (SciPop) thanks to atheist science trolls (ASTs) scientifically illiterate science worshipers (SISWs) and SciPop devotees.

May 11th

There’s mythological creature which, it turns out, isn’t mythological. The Cockatrice appears in a couplet with Asp, so they’re equivalent, and this gives us its classification as a Serpent.

May 9th

We have a closed loop which shows us that a variety of words refer to the same idea: Serpents are a suborder in the Class of Reptiles, and there are different kinds of Serpent.