Firmament 13

Isaiah 50:3

I clothe the heavens with blackness, and I make sackcloth their covering.

(Isaiah 50:3) KJV

We’ve cemented the connection between the firmament and the sea of glass, which means that the sea of glass is the structure created on the second day which separated the waters from the waters.

Let’s back up for a moment and recall the process of creation in a very broad sense: on the first day light was created. This is a slam dunk because water was present and God used nucleosynthesis to create the periodic table of elements. This generated light. The Sun, moon and stars were created on the fourth day. What was the source of light on the second and third days?

This is the firmament, a sphere of rigid crystal which shines brightly on the edge of space. It’s is the missing 90% of the mass of the universe. Now, the question is, why can’t we see it? What happened on the fourth day to allow the stars to be created and for the firmament to be hidden?

Isaiah gives us the answer. The firmament is hidden from below because its inner surface has been covered. With what we don’t know. We deduced a possible mechanism for this process in the post Jasper and Jacinth which incorporates Hypothesis 31 and Bowen’s reaction series.

The Firmament Rabbit Trail
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