Sound Reason

Supposedly science is a state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding. Popular science (SciPop) however, is something very different. It's not a body of knowledge, it's an agenda.

The Cube

Consider this: if God isn't logical then why is he going to he create a place for us to live in for eternity which has equal X, Y, Z dimensions? There's nothing more in-your-face logical than a cube.

Why Male and Female?

Gender symbols as stylized molecules

The Holy Trinity is the origin of gender. God refers to himself as male, Alpha, the Father. Jesus Christ, the begotten, is the Son. Simple deduction gives the gender of the Holy Spirit, Omega, to be female.

Math is Imaginary

Math is imaginary, it exists in your mind when you have faith that numerals represent concepts. You can write it down but that's a visual representation of what you've chosen to believe. As such, math is the language of faith.

December 14th

1+1 = 2 is math, but it is also logical. It's an example of cause and effect. The cause (1+1) produces the effect (2). God established the relationship between cause and effect when the Son, Jesus Christ, was begotten.