Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Communities

Hypothesis 33

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

(Matthew 4:19) NKJV

There’s another confirmation of the essential truth of Noah’s flood, and the effect it had on biodiversity, in the distribution of freshwater fish and aquatic animal communities.

We have deduced that the curse which God placed upon the Earth, as punishment for Cain murdering Abel, was the Earth becoming polluted by the accumulation of toxic waste. It was necessary to till the Earth to grow food because the soil was depleted of nutrients and was affected by a build up of salt and other toxic compounds. When Noah’s flood happened there was a deluge of pure fresh water. This dissolved most of the salts in the soil and carried them into the sea.

As the flood waters asswaged (evaporated and withdrew from the land) they left inland lakes in many places. Since the flood was world-wide it would be expected that the biodiversity of fish and aquatic life of the lakes in the interior of continents would be homogeneous, regardless of their geographical location. It is. This looks like a predictive testable hypothesis.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 33

  • IF Noah’s flood was a world-wide event,
    • AND inland lakes were left in the interiors of all continents,
  • THEN the aquatic fauna of these lakes should be homogeneous.

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