The Whole Earth

When we consider the similarities between the third day and the Millennial Kingdom we should realize that, if flat Earth is Biblical, then maps of the supposed flat Earth should have Jerusalem at the center. They don't.

The Dry Land

God made the dry land appear on the third day. The dry ground is, obviously, the surface of the Earth. For our purposes the surface of the Earth is considered to be a feature of the crust.

Uniform, Mild Climates

The Triassic marks a return to the format which we saw repeatedly for the periods of the Paleozoic era. We know that these sediments were deposited during the deluge phase of Noah's flood because of the climate statement.

September 15th

Hardened lava flows around a volcano

Earth in Upheaval is the name of a book by Immanuel Velikovsky which lays out his summary of the evidence for cataclysmic upheavals in the history of Earth. Like a lot of things, it's partly right and partly wrong.

September 6th

Peleg's small and unremarkable appearance in the Bible allows us to resolve the expansion of hell, plate tectonics, evolution, the distribution of biodiversity and the fulfillment of prophecy, with a theory of gravity.

September 4th

Australia was part of Pangaea for 101 years after Noah's flood. That's how Monotremes got there. If you've been vexing Creationists with the issue of Australia's unique fauna: time's up, find a new game. Sing a new song.

September 2nd

Pangaea was a contiguous landmass after Noah's flood, but it appears to have had a centrally located ocean which became the Mediterranean sea. The coasts of this sea became the cradle of civilization.

March 7th

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) propose a model for the internal structure of the Earth on the third day. The hydrological cycle is based on the location of Jerusalem, formerly Eden.