The Original Sin

The original sin is the reason why God cursed the Earth, but it isn't the reason for why the creation is in a fallen state. This is something that a lot of people haven't grasped. How can the two things be different?

Is Satan Limbless?

Does Satan have limbs? If Satan was in the garden of Eden, and the serpent was cursed to be limbless, what does the Bible say about Satan's limbs or lack thereof?

You Shall Die of Dying

Did the curse on the serpent happen immediately, or did it occur in the first generation of offspring? Since we don't know for sure let's consider what God said to Adam about the tree of knowledge.

Serpent vs. Snake

There weren't any snakes before the fall of man. It's a logical conclusion which is deduced by the application of cause and effect, logic and reason. Look at it this way, you can’t curse a snake to be limbless, it already is.

The Fall is Coming

Something has to happen which changes an intelligent bipedal reptilian humanoid into a limbless snake. This happens in the context of changing the Earth from its newly created very good state into its cursed state.